Delahaye revisits the Bugatti Type 57S

Bugatti DelahayeDelahaye USA has unveiled a new concept: a Bugatti Type 57S completely revamped. The car is expected to begin production in November.

The project took three years to conrétiser. Three years of work to arrive at the result today by Delahaye USA is to say, the concept inspired by the famous Bugatti Type 57S. According to the American manufacturer, this is a tribute to Jean Bugatti, and more specifically, at this very special model. The name of this future thing? Bugatti 57S Coupe Bella Figura.

More than just a replica, the car is a mix between the style of the time (the 1930s) and the means of today. Thus, the model uses a lot of carbon fiber and aluminum for a total weight of 1360 kg. The dimensions of the car are: wheelbase of 322 cm, length 492 cm, 193 cm width, and height from floor to ceiling of 112 cm. “We will build a car that everyone can truly lead and which will have the air conditioning, power steering and ABS ” , explained the manufacturer.

Under the hood, it should not be bad either. The prototype of the Bella Figura had a BMW M70 V12 5 liter, but for the first cars produced, the choice will be left between the 6.2-liter V8 556 horsepower of Cadillac,  a 6-cylinder in-line Jaguar,  and a V12 Mercedes biturbo directed by RENNtech. The production of this tribute to the Bugatti Type 57S begins in November. Available with a flying right and left, the coupe will be available in the U.S. but also in the world.Bugatti Delahaye

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