Delicious hardcore: Lotus Evora GTE [94 bhp and -105 kg]

Lotus Evora GTE

Look, we know that Lotus again! A year ago, overwhelmed us with Lotus 100 million billion new models have all been postponed again, but this year they keep it more realistic. For example, this year in Frankfurt this Evora GTE to shine. This limited edition is based on a race car and has more power and less weight. What more could you want?

Originally, the Lotus Evora GTE intended only for the Asian market, but ultimately turned out to be much question that Lotus has decided to include this model in other markets to sell. The Evora GTE “Road Edition” is based on the Evora GTE normally only found on the track.

Thanks to abundant use of carbon fiber and the stripping of unnecessary parts GTE weighs 105 pounds less than less than a regular Evora.

This way, the 3.5 V6 444 hp now instead of 350 hp that the Evora S to do it. Further specifications are not yet known, but do be sure that this car is seriously fast. How many copies Lotus will build is also known as a prize.

Lotus Evora GTE

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