Duke Dynamics body kit for your Cayman S

Porsche Cayman S

Another orange coupe? Yep, but except for the color completely opposite to the Brook lands last night. The Cayman is irreverently said a mini-911, but with the engine in the right place. Outer was the R version recently, and was previously the smell of S by Manthey had been assaulted. The same body kit Cayman S has received from Duke Dynamics, a yet unknown tuner.

We see a somewhat thicker and more outlets openwork back, but the biggest change is on the front. The blades from the standard S were replaced the barren black chicken wire, the nose has been sharper creases and the mist seeds have the field cleared.

In order to contrast nicely with the orange carriage (which of course the color is called Duke all is you) have added black rims.

The carbon components (spoilers, grilles) eyes like the color orange. The rest looks pretty default, and also under the hood, I think, very little litter. If you find that you only have to send, because DD is in Canada, ey. (From Porsche Blog)

Porsche Cayman S

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