Ferrari 430 Scuderia turquoise is like no other

Ferrari 430 Scud Tiffany Blue

Sunglasses and quickly click through. Too long to turn this Ferrari look is strongly discouraged.

Color is obviously very important, if you want to fall. Moreover, a good direction statement that always miserable red-stuff from Maranello.

Not directly a car for Ferrari lovers. They have to either increase the impression not very open to (color) alternatives. Especially when it pumped a special issue as it concerns 430 Scuderia.

Fortunately, this world has been Michaul Fux’enThat their dream garage with a bag of colors like the red band in mind. The interior also does not hurt the eyes, this car. You would mostly drive.

For those interested: this “Tiffany Blue” Ferrari 430 Scuderia with less than 700km on the clock state for sale for a reasonable € 159,000, -. For imports are of course still taxes.

If the color still a bridge too far then it says in Ferrari of Newport Beach even an ordinary red 430 Scuderia, which is slightly cheaper. Alternatively, take the gray Enzo. Nice anonymous.

Ferrari 430 Scud Tiffany Blue

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