Ferrari Enzo will also finally ADV.1 slippers

Ferrari Enzo ADV1

The Ferrari Enzo, I never liked but that’s nothing a little cut and set tight rims cannot  change.

So drown a whole brutal Ferrari Enzo and another is born. Cool even in the least original color for a Ferrari ever. It is the repeated details of the wheels that ADV.1 him. A standard black color, the heart often something deeper (inside) than standard. The wheels seem so very wide to stand. Enough spokes but you can still see through it.

This unique set was what cost. Specially made for the central bolt to fit. The new ADV.1 ‘s for 20-inch, rear 21 inches. Behind lies 375/20 Pirelli rubber to, for 245/30.

And then the Enzo? Mjah, the doors do not closed for good. The nose is too long, and he lacks the flair and preventing its main ancestors: the 250 GTO and F40.  Nevertheless, I soon forget that all these pictures. (Via )

Ferrari Enzo ADV1

[Image: autoblog]

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