Ferrari FXX Review

Ferrari FXX-1Ferrari FXX supercar is made in Italy with all the other Ferrari, and was in production at the end of 2005. This sports car is a great demonstration of new vehicle technology, innovation of Ferrari, including with other companies that are constantly components in cooperation with the Ferrari brand. The Enzo supercar, based on the FXX, but specific functions can be found in the FXX, which can be found on the Enzo, the FXX, a car full of desire even to be found. The engine and other standard operating system for the car, inspired by the Enzo, but adapted to the different fuel standards to meet, and other technological limitations.
Ferrari FXX-2The FXX is a time of very low transmission rates (less than 100 ms) is substantially higher for a sports car of this size. The pads are also creating a safer environment for the driver focused, while the car is just like superficially viable than its predecessor. Cut tires are another feature that is highly touted as an individual characteristic for the car and are only for the Ferrari FXX and others are not of a vehicle. As Enzo, the functions within the Ferrari FXX to the user that each driver was measured specifically for the purchase of cars using tailored.

Ferrari FXX-3Ferrari FXX supercar is certainly one that can not be mass produced, especially on production costs, but also by the fact that only a privileged few are prepared for such an exotic car to buy because of the large high $ 1,773,000 / 1,500 000 € the price. Thus, only 29 of these units were built sports car. Ferrari FXX computer technology in the car, it is an excellent driving experience, and informs the driver how its technology can work at their ability with the car for you to improve.

Ferrari FXX-4Ferrari FXX Specifications :

Manufacturer : Ferrari
Production : 2005–2007 (31 Produced)
Class : Supercar [R3]
Body style : 2-seat Berlinetta
Layout : Rear mid-engine, rear-wheel drive
Engine : 6.3 L V12
Transmission : 6-speed sequential
Wheelbase : 2,650 mm (104.3 in)
Length : 4,702 mm (185.1 in)
Width : 2,035 mm (80.1 in)
Height : 1,147 mm (45.2 in)
Curb weight : 1,155 kg (2,546 lb)

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