Ferrari is testing its hybrid technology

Ferrari 599In the pipeline for months, hybrid technology seems more relevant than ever in Ferrari . A prototype has been caught undergoing testing in Germany.

We know for a long time, Ferrari is working on developing hybrid technology. Last year, the Italian manufacturer had also introduced a concept called “HY-KERS” made from a standard 599. At the time, the boss Luca Di Montezemelo had indicated a desire to “hybrid vehicles to the enormous power and performance.”

A year later and a few rumors, the hybrid is back on the front of the stage. Obviously, Ferrari is still working intensively on the project. And this time, we have proof with these photos of a prototype based on California. Ferrari wanted to believe in a formula of the future 599 in 2013, but this two-seater coupe without sunroof seems to be the prototype of a future vehicles subject to the hybrid technology combining heat and power and taking advantage of a new management electronic transmission.

According to our colleagues who provide us with Autocar these photos, it is far from a 599 GTO and thus close a California (headlights, wheels, nuts, etc.).. And most importantly, the license plate reveals the secret. Usually, the Ferrari prototypes registered “Prova”. Here, the inscription in red letters on a white background and the “S” on the left (meaning “Stuttgart”, base site of the company Bosch, which should help Ferrari’s engineers to develop their hybrid ), are all indicators showing that the model is in testing phase to test the hybrid technology.

These first images may encourage Ferrari to communicate more about its plans for hybrid cars. The manufacturer does indeed move by 2018 to an average consumption of 240 g CO2 / km instead of 310 g / km recorded last year. But we do not know much more about this future hybrid Ferrari. Nor on its release date (in 2013?), Nor its characteristics.Ferrari 599

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