Finally official: the Toyota Prius plug-in [plugin]

Toyota PriusMy colleague and blog full-time Prius-lover Dennis asked late 2009 been wondering if he could buy, and here is half the answer at the IAA in September, a final version.

On the lease, mileage and Toyota launch date keeps us in suspense here (hence half the answer), but they know already to say that the CO2 emissions of 49 g / km * true. And you know what that means: 0% addition! The first competitor for the Ampera was born.
It is clear that Toyota has some extra batteries in the Prius has had to drop to achieve this. The current Prius is about 2 km of pure electric driving, the more a few miles (I guess were on the 20 – to 40-fold).

This is an average consumption of 2.2 l/100 km * promised. Standard Nickel metaalhydrideaccu is replaced by a (much lighter but also more expensive) lithium-ion specimen, making it more curb weight below 1,400 kg remains.
More information can we expect to see in Frankfurt. Prius lovers can click on the picture for an extra big one for above their beds.

*) Targets based on European homologation cycle.

Toyota Prius

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