First Corvette new details trickle in

Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 Hero Edition

It takes a considerable time to the C7 Corvette is finished, but of course, there are the fan boys for years of speculation about the details. GM has thrown them a bone now, and negated some rumors about the Corvette, which should come in 2013.

First, and unfortunately, the C7 does not get split rear window. We saw this recently in the Stingray, In my opinion still one of the best Corvettes ever. After disappeared split screen, Which although looks cool, but impractical. On the motor area was also many speculations: a blown turbo V8 or a 5.5 liter V8 were thrown in the round. However, GM seems here to rely on his old familiar recipe: an atmospheric 6.2 liters V8. Tasty.

There was also just a rumor that the engine was placed in the middle, but this is contradicted by GM. He’s just coming back into the forecastle to lie, as always. Conservative guys, those Americans. Oh, Speeding he will at least have not been forgotten.

Then nothing will change? Oh yes. First, the option of a 7MT kept open. Porsche set the proper example, and a Corvette C7 has a 7-bin if possible even more appropriate.

With the large torque of a GM small-block, the latest gear made very long, and the C7 just a miracle economy deteriorated in the NEDC test. It Furthermore, seems to style more ‘European’ to be. Hmm, what? If they are fewer rigid plastic materials inside and what better mean I find it fine. (Via GMInsider)
Finally, by that time, the new Viper there are. Viper or Corvette?

Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 Hero Edition

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