Flake’s distinctive design project

Flake Design StudyIf you are one of many pieces of design that meets every week it just be regurgitated often do you have all cases against futuristic, but at the same time never really deviated from the beaten track. The flakes that we face today were, is different. Da Feng’s designer drew inspiration from the ashes of his numerous cigarette butts dropped.

The philosophy behind the design is rather difficult to pin down in short form, so that you have but just on his website read. The car has many nice details, including the wheels, which are not around. Feng reports about the following:

“To be honest I never added it for the technology, the car just did not sit right unless the bottom of the wheels was cut off, so I had to think of a good excuse to remove the bottom of my wheels. The D-wheels track ground surface and adjust accordingly, making the separate wheel or the suspension system. This enabled it to expand. Also write buggy wheels allo to wing it to go off road making this a true next-generation all-terrain vehicle”.

The project is far from it, and of course very unrealistic, but it is clear that  was not the intention in the creation of the Flake. Apart from the renderings is also moving images, which are to be found.Flake Design Study

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