Floods in Thailand: Honda Civic comes later

Honda Civic yellow

That’s bad luck for Honda, ensuring the floods in Thailand is just that the introduction of the new Civic significant delays. It shows once again how complex modern supply chains are.

As you may know, the European Honda Civic Built Swindon in England, but an important part of the suppliers is in Thailand. And that suppliers are hard hit by the floods. And so it can provide a flood in Thailand will ensure that a car built in England will be delayed.

Originally, it was planned that the new Civic would arrive at dealers in January, but now that moved 3 to 4 weeks.

“We are Closely watching the supply-chain  situation. Right now we fear the new Civic introduction Will Be Delayed by three to four weeks’

However, the Dutch importer prices now released. The cheapest Civic costs 18,990 euros and he gives you a 1.4 S with 100 hp. Do you want more power? Then choose a 1.8 S (142 hp), which starts at 21,990 euros. Diesel (2.2, 150 hp) is from 27,790 temporary and there is a fashion business that only costs 26,990 euros.
PS This delay gives VW of course some extra time to the Gulf VII better place.

Honda Civic yellow

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