Ford Focus ST-R: circuitpr0n

Ford Focus ST-R

Not only, the new Focus ST hot (+ Wagon ) debuts in Frankfurt, in addition to the souped-cylinder modelletje there is also a real racing machine on the Ford stand. Because only a Focus on the BTCC award that is stingy.

The ST-R does a remarkable resemblance to ‘factory’ Focus. The body agrees, and even the dashboard and center console seemed to just one to be taken over a standard Focus.

In fact, you can therefore imagine a regular Focus, but a broader package, with extra stripes, roll cage, fully stripped interior, no insulation, and of course with a price tag that factortje-ish on the head is gone. Reportedly, you 100,000 U.S. bucks for this racewaggie to pay.

The driving model is, in fact, primarily intended for American racing classes, but perhaps he is sometimes crossing to Europe. It is after all a “world model”.
All in all, Ford considerable hammering away at the areas that the mark in the race trim to make more accessible to the public.

Ford Focus ST-R

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