Ford Mondeo and S-Max and now with 240 hp 6 MT

Ford Mondeo 2011

If you have a nice 2-liter turbo with 240 hp block develops, then you obviously do not get greedy and only run in a Focus ST stop. No, Ford should just give, and therefore, also benefit the Mondeo and S-Max has a year to downsize the block, albeit with a soggy automatic. Soon, you can own stirring with 240 hp.

Both cars are coupled to a six-speed manual. The power remains the same 240 horsepower. This will accelerate the Mondeo in 7.3 seconds for the 100. The S-Max encounter little resistance emerges and 0.3 second later the three digits. At top speed to keep your Mondeo M5/E63/RS6 when, as he capped at 250 km / h. The S-Max sticks to 240 km / h before seen. Give your little less lavish but gas is possible CO2 emissions of respectively 176 g / km and 188 g / km.

Ford himself put the new Mondeo is just opposite the famous ST220, which was equipped with a big 3.0 V6 (226 hp). Despite the loss of 2 cylinders and 1000 cc has now marginally more horsepower, and also lowers the CO2 emissions substantially good, from 249 gr to 176 gr. They must be, because with each additional gram increasing price yourself out of the market.

Nevertheless, like the engines still have a sip, consumption in the city is respectively 10.4 and 11.2 liters. Fortunately, there is the great savior outside consumption and, thus, the combined figures of 7.6 and 8.1 liters. Because we drive after all, always neat in his 110 6.

The new (temporary?) Topmotorisering will from mid-October produced, and has since prices of € 41.995, – (Ford Mondeo 2.0 EcoBoost S Edition sedan or hatchback) and € 47.916, – (Ford S-MAX 2.0 EcoBoost S Edition) . Mondeo would make it here, or maybe we get an even hotter version?

Ford Mondeo 2011

[Image: autoblog]

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