Forgotten Concept Car: Holden Hurricane

Holden Hurricane Concept

Nearly 40 years forgotten until the 2006 car found its way back to Holden and the restoration process began. Yep, the above design is old, from 1969. Meanwhile, Holden again proud of their fully restored once the first draft.

This little car sound like it comes from the 60s. Even Ferrari was barely mid-engine fitted to the Holden had even a trans axle gearbox. The 262pk, 4.2-liter V8 had from the 80s or 90s to come. The entire body is fiberglass, the sprint from 0 to 100km / h takes about 5.5 seconds and the Hurricane was full of special features and toys.
Holden saw the car more as a test vehicle than just a “show mobile”. Everything worked on the Hurricane. Production was too expensive but they have been able to test which one is most interested options.

Most notable is the ‘prehistoric’ navigation. The car long before the breakthrough of computers on a system that “Route Magnet” at major intersections could recognize. Arrows on the dashboard communicated to the driver who way it was on. The radio will automatically search the correct channels (RDS). Air conditioning worked fully automatic climate control so. To make life easier with its unusual shape to Holden also mounted a camera behind the car, these images are sent to a small tube in the center console. Imagine if Lamborghini such a system five years later in the Countach had assembled.

The hood cooperated fully hydraulic. When opening the seats automatically come up to the entry easier. In the event of an accident warning of fire and the car itself was a sturdy roll cage built.

They may be practical things like a windshield wiper or forgotten, but hey, it’s a concept car . Moreover, you with some Rain-X and streamline the drops as lost. Although he now runs again it will probably Hurricane barely drops, dust or other crap show.

Holden Hurricane Concept


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