Frankfurt 2011: Audi unveils its future stand

Audi StandAudi has just introduced the first image of its future stand 7000 m2 that will be installed at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September.

Last month Audi revealed its intention to strike a blow at the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show (15-25 September 2011). This time there was no question of the arrival of a new model, but the stand of the brand. As BMW in 2009, Audi announced that it would indeed make a huge stand with a test circuit inside.

Today, the manufacturer presents the first image of the future stand. And, honestly, it makes you want to be there. The stand will be installed outdoors on a place called “Agora”. The dimensions of the stand will be enormous. Judge for yourself: 12 m high, 70 meters wide and 100 m long, for a total of 7000 m2. Not forgetting the famous track built 400 m 9 cars can roll simultaneously. As a whole, the stand will accommodate 30 cars.

With this huge project, which will still cost 10 million Euros, Audi hopes to make a sensation at the IAA. Unless BMW and Mercedes does even more.

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