Full E-Class BRABUS Elektric: make the play

Brabus Electric Hybrid

Hardly the Hybrid distinct but heavier (2190 kg) and a Tag more torque (3200 Nm). BRABUS is also fucking electric jwz.

If they do not Q12 may stop in just to choose BRABUS more engines. This electric E has 4. Each wheel has its own motor and loci of a battery pack to full power on a moment to breathe. The individual engines are good for 80kW and 800Nm. Combined, that means 320kW and 3200Nm, translate to gasoline specifications, do you have 435 hp and 900Nm against.

Not a bad value but if the electric thing is, your liver to some extent of course. In standard mode, you seem to be 240 km far, turn the power-limiting (200kW max) Eco-mode up to 350 km should be possible.

BRABUS fully yet, but the performance in the world of electric cars does you drive along the front. Although the acceleration from a standing still disappointing (0-100 in 6.9 seconds) is very proud of the BRABUS sprints from 60 to 120 km / h. There, the electric E only needed 5 seconds, less than a standard E500. The maximum speed of the colossus is the speed of the engine limited to 220km / h.

Brabus Electric Hybrid

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