Future Porsche 911 (991): What is already known

Porsche 911 991The countdown is well underway at Porsche . A few weeks before its world premiere in Frankfurt, we already know a lot about the new 911 type 991. Review details, before falling permanently mask.

That’s about the same thing on each renewal of 911. The passions are unleashed on an air of it was better before, and then calm down. For the 996, the teeth were gnashed its facies. For the 997, it has been criticized, however, the gentrification welcoming the return of the optical round. And finally, it is estimated that in the end the soul of every 911 is almost intact.

The newcomer, type 991 (no, it’s not a regression from the 997 …) should receive a home a little more temperate. Aesthetically already, evolution is smooth. The eternal fastback profile just upgraded rear lights will receive more sharp, the front will take a look slightly oval, overcoming a front bumper a little more aggressive. This is what one can take for now behind the camouflage that has thinned in recent days. Note also the location of mirrors on the doors, the fall of kidneys more pronounced and more refined treatment of the rear spoiler.

In the eye, it would gain in stature. It was not until mid-September to confirm, when enthroned on its stand in Frankfurt. But size aside, the future 911 will be more slender.
We know she will win 56 mm in length and its wheelbase will increase by 101 mm. The question is whether the momentum will suffer. Door to front and rear overhangs have been reduced, the headroom as well (it will be about 12 mm lower). The Cx does not change compared to the 997, also announced at 0.29.

Efficiency and weight reduction for the new 911

Overall, the change is punctuated by continuity. Can not blame him upheaval recklessly. From a technical as well, as Porsche has done a lot of drives for the 997 in terms of efficiency. The land is ready, somehow, to a slight downsizing.
Entry-level, the 911 will begin with the flat-six 3.4 l direct injection of the Boxster / Cayman S, increased to 350 hp (+ 5 hp from the current 3.6 l). On the Carrera S, 3.8 L 400 hp against 385 will now. Well, of course, on the other end of the catalog to find the 911 Turbo with 550 hp expected. The transmission will be devoted to the excellent 7-speed PDK dual-clutch, or a new 7-speed manual transmission (!) That we previously discussed. As for the arrival of a hybrid version by 2016, there is still some way to go to accept the idea.

But it is especially in terms of weight that the effort is with recourse to an aluminum structure. The new 911 would show 25 kg less than the equivalent current version. We are reassured about its dynamic abilities. Precisely on this point, the wider track should make a profit. When the steering is now electric (sacrilege?), Avoid any hasty judgments.

Would approach one of the philosophy of a great GT atmosphere, finally? Inside, it is in point: the layout is inspired by the Panamera, with the controls on the center tunnel located high and a more affluent (see cons door). The five counters are still there, with the key left of the steering wheel.
On paper, it is almost stripped bare. Much of the problem, of course, will be lifted during the presentation of the next installment in the saga 911, mid-September. Porsche did it get to honor the tradition, the question comes up every time.Porsche 911 991

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