G-Power M3 Tornado RS: 720 hp young

BMW M3 Tornado RS

However, make no mistake: although  they have painted it bright orange, this is not M3 GTS.  However, the 720 horses from an enlarged engine pried that instead of measuring four liters 4.6 liters now. Using a large compressor, of course.

As it is often the case with tuners, you should be always puzzling in advance whether you are really dealing with something new, and that you even have to deal. So, my first thought was right ‘M3 GTS, because he has an orange color. However, no, it’s the standard E92 M3. A car that already at 525 hp was opgekieteld. This was followed by the Tornado CS,  CS SK II Compressors, which the M3 600 bhp, and now the three-aanheid so complete, with a Tornado RS, SK III Compressors, good for 720 hp. An ability that already has the M3 GTS was whispered.
BMW M3 Tornado RS
Besides this 300 additional horsepower will the M3 also 280300 Newton meters, bringing the maximum torque (or rather should we say torque) to 700 Nm (@ 5900 rpm) comes out. This is good for a maximum speed of 330 + km / h, a 0-100 in 3.7 seconds and a 0-200 time of 9.5 seconds. This means that an M3 Lamborghini Aventador between 100 and 200 can keep up (which does 0-100 in 2.9 seconds and 0-200 in <9 seconds). Not so bad.

Obviously, you just have to fork out billions for this kit. It will cost you 35,000 euros excluding assembly. And probably you than just the motor adaptation, and yet the velgjes, spoilert, carbon and other goodies. For nothing goes to the sun naturally.

BMW M3 Tornado RS

[Image: autoblog]

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