Gemballa Mirage GT for sale, including villainously sound

Gemballa Mirage GTSo you’ll rarely against the best used car sites.

For the record. The Porsche Carrera GT with 1,270 units built a special appearance to call. And Carrera GT’s that is getting the inside of Gemballa’s workshop have seen are quite scarce. Gemballa was and is actually the absolute king when it comes to tweaking the V10 from the Porker. What they do is look at the pretty flavor-dependent, but that engine sound is orgasmic proportions. Instant goosebumps when it is gerevved. listen only .

A famous Mirage GT, this bright red one. Delivered in 2006 and increased to 650 hp and 630 Nm of torque. In Germany, this tyrant now on sale for over 5 euroton. Dicks we just 70,000 from you and comes at a nice round sum of 500,000 euros. Would you give for a second-hand where THIS NOISE suits? Check the ad on Mobile.deGemballa Mirage GT

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