Giugiaro’s Lamborghini that never was

Lamborghini Concept GiugiaroIntroducing the concept car in the “race” was the first Lamborghini sports car ever.

The Italian artist Giorgetto Giugiaro began his career at a very young age at Fiat. He was allowed a 17-year old in the styling center to work. It was the beginning of an exceptional career that enabled him to many famous models to design. We call a BMW M1,  Golf. I and the famous De Lorean DMC-12.  Somewhat angular cars, right? There was one time he showed what beautiful things you could do with round shapes.

Lamborghini has for a number of Giorgetto Giugiaro concept cars modeled. Both Cala concepts of a four-wheeler in 1995 that later resulted in the Gallardo – Marco Polo and the concept came from his hand. However, his name on a production model was sticking him never succeeded. And that brings us to this yellow beauty. That has recently surfaced as the son of Giorgetto tries a stack of sketches his old man did, that this car was portrayed.

Lamborghini Concept GiugiaroAccording to Card Sign News was the early ’60s a race going on between various car designers to design for the very first Lamborghini sports car to be able to deliver. Ferruccio Lamborghini, who was only known from a tractor things, because the fight was with Enzo Ferrari’s cars, since he last took thrice jerk. Fer would be better to do so if and designers such as Giugiaro, Michelotti, Pininfarina, Ghia and Vignale submit a design. Ultimately, the honor went to Carrozzeria Touring, which allowed the GT 350 to build.

The design of Giorgetto, the final stage is far from achieved, but that his son did not like the car recently still building. Just as a present for his seventieth birthday. He did it himself just what spoke wheels, headlights and paint color to add. Et Voila, one of the coolest secrets revealed early sixties. So if you encounter a car that strongly resembles curves, we call a Ferrari P3 it’s nice to realize that these guy touches the round may have little earlier.Lamborghini Concept Giugiaro

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