Great bargain: Toyota Mega Cruiser

Toyota Mega CruiserWould you like a huge asobak? However, do you prefer Japanese reliability than anything American or Russian?  Then it may be wise to even have to think about this huge Toyota Mega Cruiser (built from 1995 tm 2002).
It weighs just over 3000 pounds and are 5.09 meters long and 2.17 meters wide.
Do you have that standing in the driveway? Save your work now!

For the paltry sum of only 178,500 euros you can be the owner of this black Toyota Mega Cruiser with 86,381 km on the clock. You buy a very special car, because many copies of the Mega Cruiser, Toyota has ever made. All copies are only sold in Japan anyway, and most of the Mega Cruiser’s production was for the military and not civilians.

A civilian copy in the Netherlands is very special. According to the seller,  there are only two copies in the Netherlands and are sometimes spotted on the seller (see below combo). Under the bonnet is also a 4.1-liter four-cylinder but who squeezes 150 hp and 380 Nm. And that makes it equally suitable for asobak hippies. When people moan about your big asobak just say that there is a modest four-cylinder diesel engine under there. Are they finished as whining?Toyota Mega Cruiser

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