Hofele Audi SR8 from: Moar Newton meters

Audi SR8 Hofele

If the Audi A8 diesel buyer you have the choice between area V6 3.0 liters and 4.2 liters TDI. The latter is obviously the best choice, because it’s a big V8. Hofele thought this V8 is a bit thicker might be dressed, and made the SR8.

And that ‘SR8’ is only for legal reasons, because clearly  tune here trying to make a RS8. A car that does not exist, because the thickest A8 is because traditionally the S8. Thanks to our readers we had back in June the first , but now also officially Hofele them out, including performance data.

Thanks to some engine tuning pull Hofele instead of 350 now 390 hp from the TDI block, and torque is 900 Nm at a statistic. Do you dislike diesel, and you just want to run on petrol, buy a 520 bhp S8. Or go to one step lower for the 4.2 liter FSI, which has Hofele also partners: the original 372 hp to be increased to 390 hp.

For the rest we know: fat exhaust pipes, spoiler and extra thick natural perineometers to 22 inches wide. Furthermore the car at speeds below 70 km / h to 40 mm lower down.

Audi SR8 Hofele

[Image: autoblog]

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