Honda AC-X plugin puts VW XL1 to the crown

Honda AC-X Concept

Both in looks and in terms of consumption, because this plug-in hybrid concept would have a consumption of 1:110!
Not only, a funky electric convertible but also a plug-in hybrid, which is the main achievements of Honda at the Tokyo Motor Show (early December). Here, we look at a four-door coupe-like Insight, AKA the Advanced X-Cruiser (AC-X).

The plug-in is powered by a 1.6 liter engine, coupled to an electric power supply, which together account for about 126 hp. If he is charged and filled with petrol, then you do with Kyoto to Tokyo and back ride, because the range is 1000 km adoption.

The AC-X has two different modes (modified?) To operate: Engine and automatic. In the first case, both power sources approached for maximum performance in the second position. The two combined to the demand for power. Is the quiet ride, then the electric endeavor, if not, then jumps to the combustion engine?

The interior is, like the super-futuristic design: fans of big clubs can have fun in the cockpit. Further details are scarce, but will surely follow in due course.

UPDATE: There were mixed reports of consumption, ranging from 100 mpg to 260 mpg. Meanwhile, we have had contact with Honda and it turns out to be a consumption of 0.9 liters per 100 km, comparable to the Volkswagen XL1!

Honda AC-X Concept

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