Honda and Ford recall 3.6 million cars back together

Honda and Ford recallIt was a recall-fest this week: 2.5 million Honda model’s sip calls for a software update, and no less than 1.1 million Ford F-series should be returned because of possible corrosion in the fuel tank.

In Europe, we see little of here: Honda,  this time no problems with cracking paint, but trust the software in automatic transmissions are not (rap switch can cause damage). However, it draws mainly on U.S. and Chinese market cars back.

Ford is afraid that (by rusted fixing straps) of the fuel F-150 and F-250’s let go, have almost all models in the domestic market around. Ford is also the second time this year that more than one million F-Series to go back.

Honda is the bitter pill in half a week. Earlier this week, because the new Honda Civic by the U.S. Consumer flared. Where the Civic (accounting for some 20% of Honda sales) in the past invariably stood at the recommended cars, the car was now full ” thumbs down “. Good news for the Koreans for example, behind the scenes cannot  wait to share more from manufacturers like Honda to steal away. Let’s hope this is not for Honda omen for the European model,  in September at the IAA makes its appearance.

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