Hulme CanAm: the first models in 2012

Hulme CanAmI continually delayed the arrival of the Hulme CanAm could come soon.The order book has finally been opened, and the first copies should be delivered in 2012.
Just like the Fisker Karma, the arrival of the first Hulme CanAm is regularly postponed. Not for long, according to the manufacturer in New Zealand. It has indeed announced that production would begin, and the order book was finally opened.

The first copies of the supercar will arrive at customers in the second half of 2012.

The price is set at about 296 000 euros. Hulme also hopes to obtain certification for low-volume vehicle production model in order to sell more freely in Europe.

Remember, if the version of the prototype production resumes, the CanAm is powered by a V8 original Chevrolet developing 700 horsepower for a total weight of only 1080 kg. As a result, the performance should be at an appointment with a 0 to 100 km / h in 3.5 seconds announced. The objective of the brand is to offer an experience of F1 in the city. We will see in the coming months if the supercar and keeps its promises, especially if the first copies come out well from the factory next year.Hulme CanAm

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