If you have balls: 324km / h in an Audi A1

Audi A1Oh yes, top speed test recently, also drove a MTM Audi A1 them. Just 500pk and with front wheel drive.

What do you do if you happen to Nardo state? The gas is very deep kick in naturally. If the turbo-hole is large enough, the two front straps 235 maybe, possibly, if you’re lucky even to find a little grip.

How does this 500pk than A1? MTM had previously been the front axle and five-cylinder turbo from the Audi TT-RS in the small hatchback made. Hence a slightly wider track.
With a boost pressure of 1.3 bar is good for the turbo-5 500pk (@ 6900tpm) and 600 nm at 4400 rpm. With the (desired) about the turbo lag so be fine.
Partly due to the limited-slip front differential knew the little Audi by steaming to a peak of 324km / h. Guts, that’s it.Audi A1

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