Just to refresh Ferrari’s plans for the future

Ferrari 458 Italia spyderNot too long ago we were spoiled with the Ferrari FF,  and at the IAA in Frankfurt is, if all goes well, open a Ferrari 458 ( with hard top ) its appearance. This allows the F430 Spider finally retired. However, the men from Maranello have more strings to their singing: an overview.

First, the 599 GTB.  Ferrari launches next year his successor, who now only known by its code name, F152 (FF had the code F151). The concept remains the same: a rear-wheel drive two-seater with a big V12 up front. If all goes well we can meet in Geneva in March 2012 show.
Ferrari 458 Italia spyder
The 458 Italia gets its inevitable ultra-hardcore brother in the form of a Scuderia. In 2013, this one fact, and since the ‘normal’ cough up 458 has 570 hp, the extra-light 458-with-stripes very rapidly towards the 600 horses run.
In 2014, given the usual 458 a facelift. A model that a facelift is California in 2013. Will we still stacked exhausts again?

We like best for last: the centerpiece of Ferrari, the Enzo successor aka aka F70 In 2012 he stands, and we are very curious! In all probabilities, there is a V12 in atmospheric and need the extra performance from more than weight savings come from extra horsepower. For reference: the Enzo has 660.
This gives us the important news it had Ferrari, Ferrari or shake something off his sleeve hybrids? Or maybe a V6? Time will tell.Ferrari 458 Italia spyder

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