Kia GT sporting four-door Korean-finger exercise

Kia GT Concept

The best news on the Korean IAA was probably this is Kia GT Concept (although Ssangyong it was nice too). And like many manufacturers do lately, this is a car that combines sportiness with plenty of seating.

In terms of naming Kia has kept it simple: no complicated horse names in Latin, just GT. Clean and simple. Whether you do that the design of this concept, let me say to yourself about, but we welcome the hope that the Korean brand may also want to play a game in the sporty segment, an area where it so far ( Unlike Hyundai half brother) had not yet gone. The more people, more fun.

Yet the GT is not a traditional sportsman, because of his four-door layout. The suicide doors are typical concept, although in addition to Rolls-Royce Mazda and now more manufacturers are in production in recent years to trim car. A concept is certainly a handy trick to show your home properly, without a nasty B-pillar in your way.

Under the hood resides a 3.3-liter Lambda V6 turbocharged GDI (Gasoline Direct Injection) engine 395 hp and 534 Nm of torque. Power is transferred through an eight speed automatic to the rear wheels.

To my earlier question regarding the design to come back: the presentation of the concept was certainly very clean. A pristine white GT against a pristine white background. Please also take on the thin copper-colored seats, digital clocks, Spielerei, and somewhat unusually shaped pedals.

And where would that big pink button in this exercise for his fingers? Ejector seat? Or maybe just a start button?

Kia GT Concept

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