Kia Picanto: Now with 3 doors

Kia Picanto-2011-3-doorThe five-door Kia Picanto is available in the Netherlands since May and already a great success (more than 7,000 orders) and there are also a 3-door version in. And I must say that it is such a small Korean crumb looks quite sporty. Alternatively, am I saying something crazy?

After the summer (if you can speak it) is the Kia Picanto with two fewer doors to admire the Dutch Kia dealers.

Under the hood, we find the same 1.0 (69 hp) and 1.25 (85 hp) gasoline engines as well as his 5-door sibling. Both engines are tax free, so no BPM, no road tax and only 14% addition for commercial drivers.

The previous generation Picanto was no 3-door version, so this is the first time that a Picanto with 3 doors on the market. The 3-door Kia Picanto has been available from 7995 Euros.Kia Picanto-2011-3-door

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