Kia Ray: Nomen est omen

Kia RayNow what Fluidic Sculpture design language? Square car is what we want!

Here is the Kia Ray (Charles?): A car that seamlessly in the row Suzuki Wagon R + and Daihatsu Materia connection. The only difference between these two cars is that Kia does not come to Europe, but primarily is for the private Korean market. Should we be sorry about? Mwah, he does look like a suitable 65 + car, but for the younger buyer, this European Kei-car maybe a little too square. Moreover we have the Soul al.

Small side note: the above design language comes from Hyundai, but we like to sweep the Koreans in a heap. That easy. Well apparently in Korea in time to get a special action model: the Ray & Anita, with a special 90’s retro look trousers and a house in the trunk. And now we have the silly jokes around Ray. Or not? Ray man’s late, let it all just ray on me! Okay, enough.

Still nice to mention the name Ray was familiar to me, but not this way. It turns Kia last year at the Chicago auto show even a Ray Concept shown, but that seemed even remotely not in this box on wheels. And then there’s the Miray concept. Kia loves Ray?Kia Ray

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