Lambootghini: a Lambo for the water

Lamborghini YachtPleasure boats that are inspired by cars or car manufacturers, we regularly. Sometimes when the power boat,  then as the hybrid boat and occasionally with a circuit board.
The next float is the invention of an Italian designer, inspired by the clean lines of Lamborghinis.

Gallery: Lamborghini Yacht

To be clear: this is no Lamborghini project itself but an idea of one Mauro Lecchi.  Who has a good look as the different lines of Lambo models (especially the Reventon) and that translated into this vessel. There should already be working on a prototype that almost entirely of carbon fiber should be increased and perhaps two blocks from 550pk V12 Motori Marini gets on board.

The luxury yacht is 15 meters long, 4 meters wide and 3.8 meters in height. On board, it is just no room for a Lamborghini with wheels, so the time being  the choice for the new AB-editors still look on the Beach Craft 122.Lamborghini Yacht

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