Lamborghini Gallardo “Ski Transporter” – full details

Lamborghini Gallardo Jon Olsson 2011

A few days ago we saw the first appearance of photo Jon Olsson’s new winter toy. And now we have all the details for you! It includes spectacular footage. Did you know that this roof box itself at speeds of 250 + km / h just stays on the roof?

Let’s start with the car itself. That’s just an “old” Gallardo LP560-4 and no, it’s probably even just the Gallardo Jon who in 2008 had already provided a camouflage wrap and ski locker. However, the looks of the Gallardo have been thoroughly.
DMC has the tuner Gallardo with a (carbon fiber) GT3 nose and the back, using original parts, with a LP560-4 look. There are new rear taillights, tailgate, bumper and diffuser fitted.

And soon there will be at the back also has a spoiler mounted Murcielago SuperVeloce. Because the lords of DMC have a replica made with special brackets so it fits on the Gallardo. The only problem is that it cannot  open the hood.

Incidentally Sat Jon Olsson is a problem. Gallardo had been, in Sweden and he sat himself in Monaco. And so he decided to take two 19-year old little boy but his car to him to bring. What a nice pair Jon Olsson!

I would also like to thank Oskar and Mark for driving this thing down here! (Technically I guess They Should thank me, giving a two to 19 year olds Lambo to drive across Europe is a dream for most!)

And the fact that Jon Olsson can only think in solutions, not problems shown by the fact that he along with two friends (Oskar & Marcus?) Up to 430 km crammed has been in the Gallardo to Modena to Monaco to driving. Move was ff is tested or ski box at 250 + km / h or remained seated.

We saw no problems in a Gallardo full of ski equipment and three people for 430km so we went for it! We even got to test the ski box a bit, and it seems to be on there pretty good! Think we have to go for the 300 km / h mark next time …. 😉

Lamborghini Gallardo Jon Olsson 2011

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