Lamborghini Super Trofeo 2011, the stage at Paul Ricard

Lamborghini Super Trofeo 2011After Monza, Silverstone mid-April and early June, the Paul Ricard this weekend hosted the July 16 and 17 the third round of the Lamborghini Blancpain Super Trofeo. Opened in 2009, the championship-brand continues its merry way. In the same spirit …

The competition is serious, but it is mainly to travel around Europe by gentlemen drivers. Clashes statements, but not inappropriate gesture on the track. It is sporty, meaning noble of the term …

There is a small family spirit, even. Lamborghini in the village located next to the paddocks, engineers, pilots and representatives of Blancpain meet. We trade on past races, the classification and we follow the FIA ​​GT at which the appointment of Super Trofeo Castellet was grafted, while wandering among the mechanics who are working between two races.

The idea has remained the same, and the recipe works: the opportunity for amateur drivers to drive a race of mythical plots, along with professional assistance by providing technical and logistical support like clockwork. In this regard, the partnership with Blancpain clearly seems sealed. The values ​​are common, indeed. In terms of exclusivity, crafts and culture of performance, the parallel is easy to find. Already last year there was talk of “mechanical hearts that beat as one.” The horses involved are renewed, as a reminder of LP560-4 very close to the standard versions but with a weight reduced to 1300 kg and increased to 570 hp V10. Making flying relatively accessible, it is also one of the vocations of the event.

For this 2011 edition, the championship is still being consolidated. The tray alignment is always a good dozen cars, but we begin to see some regulars. The Swiss team of brothers Leimer Autovitesse-Affolter, and P. Kox (in Reiter) and E. Amos for example. Some new faces also appear, as Antoine Leclerc, French first present on the grid, especially invited for the occasion, that the deal with the GT1 championship where he is involved with the team, Belgian Marc VDS Racing Ford GT. A great opportunity to show the public the Super Trofeo the interior, we will return to the subject in the interview that the young driver has given us.

Two separate rankings for the Trofeo 2011, fans in the form

The Beausset, Signs, the right of the Mistral … The names are linked singing duels over the V10. No other goal than to have fun, with a view to friendly competition.

Some critics were issued last year on the disparities between the levels of pro riders and others, but the amateurs are doing brilliantly this year. Cédric including Leimer, who finished third on the three races of the round edge of Provence and the top ranking Pro-Am, and especially G. Tweraser who won two races alongside F. Sladecka in the crew-Charouz Gravity Racing. Eugenio Amos too, which is placed second on the first two races. The ranking remains unchanged among professionals, with a podium still monopolized by F. Babini, P. Kox and L. Cunningham.

The advantage of the Super Trofeo is also the events in which it is integrated. And this weekend racing at Le Castellet, in addition to the top of the crust together with the French Championship GT1 race, stood also the British Formula 3 and the GT3 European Championship, ten races in total.

The next step for the Trofeo Lamborghini, it will be from 28 to 30 July at Spa-Francorchamps, just before the start of the 24 Hours. This will be followed Hockenheim (September 30 to October 2) and Barcelona (October 28 to 30) to finish third this season. Meanwhile another after Italy continues its journey on the European circuits, the gloves are dried.

Maurizio Reggiani, director of research and development Lamborghini, we announced last year, it will take two or three years before moving firmly into the landscape. The Super Trofeo, still young, take the path anyway. Both a technical and organization, the case appears oiled and reputation began to grow … a good slope.Lamborghini Super Trofeo 2011

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