Land Rover Defender gets a new, younger heart

Land Rover Defender MY2012Did you think that an icon like the Land Rover Defender a slow death would die ? Of course not! For the upcoming model year, they Defender even a brand new diesel engine. The old polluting diesel 2.4 (out of a Ford Transit) has been replaced by a new 2.2 diesel (also Ford). This block is much cleaner, but it delivers exactly the same performance.

The future of the current Defender and his possible successor has been shrouded in mystery for a while. It seems that Land Rover is struggling with three options: The current model of retirement, send the current model refresh and prepare for the future or develop a new model. With the introduction of this new engine (122 Nm pk/360) seems an option at least not logically. The introduction of this new engine to comply with the EU5 standard, and has also provided a particulate filter, the Defender there again a few years plenty against it. And that gives Land Rover also like the time to think about a possible successor. It seems that we are in Frankfurt has a taste of come to see.

Because the power of this new diesel engine is exactly equal to that of his predecessor’s performance also remained stable. So it takes sprint from 0 to 100 km / h still 15.8 seconds, but top speed is raised from 132 km / h to 145 km / h. Also, the Defender now has ventilated disc brakes on all models. Did you know that Land Rover Defender since 2002 averaged 25,000 per year selling? That’s about as much as Saab as a brand sells.

Also, the new Defender has a new fully acoustic-absorbing engine cover. Now you are not completely deaf, but only 90%. The Defender is still available in three different lengths and standards are no less than 14 body styles available. And if you have special requests can easily fulfill Land Rover.Land Rover Defender MY2012

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