Land Rover Defender launches Frankfurt-concept

Land Rover Defender X-Tech Limited Edition 2011To frost, it can thaw. In the previous week stop rumors that the Land Rover after more than 60 years canceled was, and now suddenly the complete opposite claim: the Tata-daughter at the IAA a concept model showing, as a precursor to the replacement of the Defender, which in its current form for as many more years if it turns your old blogger.

Although Land Rover the bulk of his income to luxury cars earned the Defender is an essential part of the lineup, if only for the iconic status that it enjoys, as patriarch of the Land Rover brand. And so there just over a month according to Inside Line,  a concept Defender. Combine that with earlier reports, and you can (if true) to assume that a new defender is a 2012/2013.

To go into details, it is still early, but the nature mogeljk exists that a new platform and chassis are developed. I’m also wondering if this is feasible, this is the Jaguar XE already there, but if so, then Tata will be very much on his fork. However, first let’s see Frankfurt. Until that time we have for your plates of the already existing X-Tech Edition.Land Rover Defender X-Tech Limited Edition 2011

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