Lexus 200h is Planers CT with air-ride

Lexus CT 200hThose dirty hippies! That she is driving a hybrid thing, but they just go our tarmac scraping goes very far!

Greenpeace kidding, calm down. The CT 200h is a hybrid that is somewhat interesting to mention their appearance. Unfortunately, since the original golden concept a lot of sharp edges have been lost, including the height and color. That’s where the company Air Runner Systems (aka Air Bomber) is a solution: adjustable air suspension and a lick of gold paint.

The Lexus 200h CT comes with air-ride with a belly to lie neatly on the floor. Sure that the fans of stance perspectives with this stuff. Now a decent set of wheels for the CT and found a significant performance upgrade and the picture starts to get pretty full. The difference between the highest and lowest position is an impressive 11 inches to 10.5 inches and the rear wheels to. The operation of the system is done with a fine gloss controller in the car. Too? You can use it quite easily yourself by screws and spulletje fit neatly in place of the spare costs and no luggage.Lexus CT 200h

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