Lexus LFA Tokyo and New Edition Supra

Lexus LFA

After muchdiscussion N├╝rburgring Package, Lexus seems to examine a Tokyo edition of the LFA to come. This gives you the best time drop from one side of Tokyo to the other? In addition, there appears someone whispered to have a Toyota Supra successor. Will the Toyota group finally be exciting?

We start at the beginning: In December, another Tokyo Motor Show held, and this fact, the Tokyo Motor Show Lexus LFA Edition (I see what you did there) to make his debut. It expected (even) more carbon in the form of a ‘naked’ carbon roof (just like on the M3 ) and a carbon rear spoiler. The mark-up? About 40,000 euros. A roadster version of the chopper appears sadly to have been, because of ‘economic uncertainty’. Unfortunately, peanut butter, no LFA Roadster in 2014.

Lexus would like Bugatti bit hard coming off of some models and then only special little of it, or is it just a marketing strategy for some extra money from your limited editions, which in this way immediately to be more exclusive? Let the IS-F Circuit Club Sports also immediately address it as an example.

A possible successor Supra is still somewhere in its infancy, so the probability that the project is turned over the neck is greater than when already fully developed. To what extent this is an enlargement of the upcoming FT-86 will be is still unclear, but it boasts of course the same thing: a RWD coupe that is as light as possible.

Toyota promises abit more exciting with a production version of the above FT-86 II concept, although by now so abit the concept that there is not “becoming. For me a good example for manufacturers who there are limits to how far you the initial phase of an upcoming model can stretch. Still nice to read that she apparently still some more than just boring to build hybrids, and their more and more into the background, sporting aspirations obviously want to put back some luster. (From CAR Magazine )

Lexus LFA

[Image: autoblog]

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