Lorinser CLS is off

Lorinser Mercedes CLS C218Take about one year, but then you have nothing. Where are the hood scoops gone? And why are the wheels in a few strokes smaller one?

We could have expected. Not only car makers concepts, tuners, apparently. On the first sketches we saw Lorinser us voorschotelde large holes in the hood, oversized wheels, and was the little cousin of the artist with a little blue marker to the car gone, for dramatic effect .
Obviously, the final model a bit more subdued, or call it realistic. Followers of the tuning scene had to see coming, Lumma previous example did the same trick with the CLR 500 RS ( impression ).

But what do we think? Makes the modest body kit it better or is he already works pretty enough? For now we only have pictures, specs out once we add it.Lorinser Mercedes CLS C218

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