Lorinser tuning throws junk on the Infiniti FX30d

Infiniti FX30d

Infiniti with a spicy diesel and some unadulterated junk tuning on and on. Congratulations, luxury brand of Nissan, you will hear officially from the establishment. However, these interventions are of a Lorinser progress?

Lorinser had apparently just had with the eternal Mercedes-junk and has actually had an Infiniti in the workshop. For the luxury SUV from Japan has created a body kit that includes a new front bumper with the inevitable LED’jes as daytime running lights. The rear bumper is new, to see the piece of 2X2 decorative faux diffuser pipes in the corners. The standard side skirts were just as good weggebonjourd and replaced by something bigger fish.

The set of Lorinser wheels are also glow and will come to us, the predicate-PC Hooft safely.

However, then as soon jetsers, when 22-inch size. Incidentally, this is currently only set-frills market in Russia. With more interest they will in other countries offer.

Under the hood is not changed to dieseltor. The Renault sourced 3.0 V6 with 238 hp and 550 Nm of torque remains unchanged, as the 0-to-100-sprint time of 8.3 seconds. Lorinser keeps prices a little for themselves, but they will certainly be available on request.

Infiniti FX30d

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