Lotus Elise and Exige: end of production in North America

Lotus EliseFollowing the U.S. regulations on the obligation of “smart” airbags, Lotus decided to stop there from August production of its Elise and Exige models.

United States, the law required manufacturers to fill their vehicles with “smart” airbags, ie smart airbags which inflate in two stages depending on the intensity of the shock. Until then, like other brands, Lotus had an exemption, but it will end in the coming weeks.

As a result, the manufacturer decided to stop English from August production in North America of its Elise model (pictured) and Exige. However, both cars continue to be produced in the UK and Europe. Including the next generation of the Elise in 2015. But by then, we reserve Lotus probably other models.Lotus Elise

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