Lotus Evora gets 400 horsepower: and more news

Lotus EvoraYeah, a lot of extra powerrr Evora based on the Lotus racer. And there’s also a convertible!

The Lotus Elan is delayed until 2017, so it seemed they do in Norfolk for the Evora brainy yet another bit in the spotlight. And you do of course with more horsepower! The S Evora has been no sissy with 345 units but must now get a version with about 400 hp. Nicely in line with the story that the Evora is allowed more aggressive , something we some time ago already overwritten .

Evora is based on the ultimate endurance racer who, not coincidentally, has about 400 hp. The racer is about 200 kg lighter and although we do not expect the street model also inherits many weight saving we would not be surprised if a lot of weight eaten away by the interior to get rid of all unnecessary stuff. In September we will know because it is the unveiling of this model are expected at the motor show in Frankfurt. A show where we of course will again present to you the hottest news needs.

It speaks also of a technique for Evora convertible roof that must be shared with the proposed soft-top Lotus Esprit . Also expected in October, the first drivable plug-in hybrid Evora to display. It is equipped with an electric motor and a 1.2 liter petrol engine, good for 1000 Nm of torque and a sprint to one hundred in 4.4 seconds. Besides the hybrid junk is fortunately still just working on fuel-fired horsepower: a 570 hp 4.8-liter V8 is under development for the Lotus Esprit in time to become effective with. This block must be 40% smaller and 80 pounds lighter than the Toyota engine we know of Lotus. In short, they are enough to do with Lotus, we’re going down to hear more from them in the near future.Lotus Evora

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