Lotus oil leaks on the Elise

Lotus EliseIn the U.S., the NHTSA has opened an investigation into the Lotus Elise with problems of oil leaks from several owners.

These days, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has received numerous complaints from owners of Lotus Elise. The purpose of these complaints? Oil leaks on their car, spreading the oil later in the tires.

On its website, the NHTSA has confirmed that an investigation to identify the problem. This survey covers 4400 Lotus Elise models (for 2005 and 2006) sold in the United States. Obviously, the problem comes from the breakdown of the cooling line leading to an oil leak on the radiator and the wheels.

Of the 17 owners who filed a complaint, some have been off the road or even a fire. Concerns which, of course, are harmful to the image of Lotus in the United States, but also in France since the Elise model was also sold in France.

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