Lotus: towards a partnership with Toyota?

Lotus Esprit

Dany Bahar, CEO of Lotus , has suggested that the brand wanted to find a partner or a buyer. He made ​​particular reference to Toyota .

According to the website Inside Line, Lotus is currently looking for a big car maker to partner. This was suggested Dany Bahar, CEO of the brand, a few journalists around him last weekend. This information suggests that Lotus will not be able to assume only the cost of developing a new range, including obligations related to safety standards and lower the level of CO2 emissions.

In short, a few days after the abandonment of the project Elan, it appears to depart from the ambition at the last Paris Motor Show in Paris. Proton owned since 1996, Lotus is therefore seeking a partner or even a buyer, to develop its future models like the new Spirit (shown here, commercialization expected in 2013). And it could be Toyota.

The Japanese group has long supplied engines to Lotus in the past. The two brands may well start a new common history in the coming months.

Lotus Esprit

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