Lotus with a rally version of the Exige

Lotus Exige RallyYes, you read that right. Lotus is actually planning to rally with a performance of the Exige to the market. Such a small light hardcore sports car may not be the first thing you think when a rally car, but it is not such a strange idea as you might think.

Rally GT ever heard? This is a category where you for example, the Aston Martin V8 Vantage, Porsche 911 GT3 and Lamborghini Gallardo to be found.

Now already Exige and Elise are used by teams in the sport, but they are not factory built. And so they see in Hethel an opportunity in itself for a rally version of the Exige to develop and that (big money) to sell to willing customers.

Lotus and so in January 2012 for approval to build models and according Claudio Berro (main Lotus Motorsport) is easy to succeed. The rally version of the Exige will be officially unveiled at the IAA in Frankfurt in September. (via: carmagazine.co.uk, photo via)Lotus Exige Rally

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