LSD gives you wings Audi S5.

Audi S5A good dose of LSD is always happier your Audi.

Not only Red Bull gives you wings. LSD Doors has long been the specialist when it comes to wing delivery. On your car, that is. Their latest project is the Audi A5/S5: 1749 euros for your coupe you some tight parking. Wonder how much of it sold.
Audi S5
With a gull-wing by plates by LSD, the Audi A5 and S5 its sporty brother becomes a real head-turner. LSD hinges either the sacrifices as a complete kit for Including Both door’s hinges, cable set fitting materials and attachments for only 1749 Euros, including VAT.

The plates are Equipped With The New GRS + (Guided Roller System). It sacrifices an adjustment possibility with the roller guidance of the roller bearing integrated in the hinges and Additional stability through a catch-That all which locks in fully-opened condition. This results in more safety and more precise openings and closing of the round.Audi S5

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