Maserati Quattroporte limo, room for 10 passengers

Maserati Quattroporte limoSince the Quattroporte with more than 3.5 meters extended it’s no surprise that as many as 10 people you can cram in the back. Just a bit sad that in the interior much more class and style to be found.

8.61 meters long this Quattroporte is provided with a terrible kitsch interior filled with LED lights, mirrors and other grotesque things. In one way or another, Americans are now in a limo once heard, but my taste is absolutely not. This is the 2005 Quattroporte for sale on eBay and the Buy It Now price is a whopping $ 105,000. (Via: cars coop )

The interior is also opgeleukt the following:

-Disco Floor
-Disco Ceiling
-Custom logo in bars and partitioning
-Fiber optic neon stars and
-custom seating for up to 10
-Limo Touch Control Panel
-Electonic partitioning
-Illuminated champagne holders
-(3) TVs
-DVD with CD player, IPOD hook up
-with Sounds Great Kicker subs and speakersMaserati Quattroporte limo

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