Maserati SUV will be unveiled in Frankfurt

Maserati SUVMaserati SUV that one has listed in the schedule has long been no secret anymore. Yes, since Sergio Marchionne to the Fiat Group is pushing at the helm, even-margin brand Maserati back on the road. And besides an Italian PC, Hooft-vulgarian there will soon be a new sedan from Maserati away. Quattroporte an XS, so to speak.

Now Chrysler is completely absorbed by Fiat. Maserati had the opportunity to a body on the platform of the Jeep Grand Cherokee, the granddaddy of SUVs, build. And as long as a great-sounding┬á V8 or V12 Ferrari is best spooned is something we are curious about. Get the Cayenne and Q7 of the world’s finally some competition.
Maserati SUVHowever, it recently pops a rumor that a V8 Jeep / Chyrsler itself will be. HEMI V8 with around 50 liters (approximately) content. Little wrong with that, of course (our philosophy: more V8 on the road, the better), but not so long ago, Sergio has the words “It Will Be a rock and roll engine ‘ , perhaps he meant it just the U.S. … A power take -diesel V6 (3.0 twin turbo Fiat) to sales in Europe to thrive is also not excluded.

There remains now only the big question: how does a Maserati SUV design that has a Maserati-worthy appearance (picture above is only a vague photoshop)? Because let’s face it, cars like this is rarely the most beautiful girl. Fortunately, we know how the machine from September 15-about-it will look like, by which time the brand will show a concept at the IAA in Frankfurt, said Sergio. A production version, we also do not much earlier than 2013 expected.Maserati SUV

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