Maybach Coupe combo Tech Xena spotted in London

Maybach 57S XenatecThe car-spotters main season has started. London fills with exotic supercars car spotters and enjoy to the fullest. Therefore you can watch the most interesting voitures, so also this Maybach Coupes Tech Xena!

Messrs K & D Productions are now a fixture on our upload site. They came several times in the past Junk Car Photo Of The Month elections and they have even won once . Not the least spotters so! In London they met the Maybach against, three 57s Xena Tech Cruisero Coupe’s to be exact, which just two were parked bumper to bumper. Oh, and there was also a lousy Veyron Netta somewhere that Xena Techs, crazy!Maybach 57S Xenatec

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