Mazda CX-5 is cooler than a Maserati Kubang

Mazda CX-5

And just as blue Mazda.

Nothing is as bad as an SUV even comes up because it sells anyway.  For a brand like Maserati counts all sales, of course. At Mazda is different, they will have to fight for a decent market share. Competition from Ford and VW is fierce in this segment and therefore, the engineers and designers to try something out of it. Result? A small SUV yet some charisma.

The Mazda CX-5 smoelt fine. Grilletje nice cheeky, slightly square-ish, big bad headlights. High enough for heavy right foot with our rich country to limit driving and not pretentious. Up front is a 2.0 four-cylinder  petrol 164 Nm pk/210 or 2.2 diesel with 150 Nm or 175 pk/380 pk/420 Nm. Mazda aims to fuel the 139 grams of CO2 per kilometer. It dives under the diesel with 119 g / km. It particularly is that diesels are as clean as they do not (AdBlue) filters needed to meet the Euro 6 emission standard.

How big is “he? Mazda CX-5 gives a length of 4.54 m and width of 1.84 m. Or simply the natural order awd.

Mazda CX-5

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