Mazda MX5 GT, the most famous open-top

Mazda MX5 GTThe Mazda MX-5 has over 20 years for sale with the same configuration, and as such, the new model has been designed as a race car to compete in British Championships this year of resistance, which has been developed with Jota Sports – a company that will compete with them this season.

This car has been designed to improve performance and safety. Thus, the hood has been removed to make way for a safety cage reinforcement. The doors are made of carbon fiber and the hood was made of polycarbonate, main to get a weight of only 850 kg.

This lightness matches the great power of its engine removed. Is considered to have an output of 275 hp. The transmission is a six-speed sequential automatic operated from the steering wheel, in charge of moving the rear wheels.
A very important and relevant feature of this car is that the ratio of the change is short to support any kind of acceleration. The car reaches 100 mph in just 3 seconds , and also achieved a remarkable speed of 175 km / h.Mazda MX5 GT

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